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“Hong Hu Chi Wei Dui”(The Red Guerrilla Guarding Honghu Lake) hailed as a masterpiece at Luojia Mountain; the red canon has permeated the whole heart
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The Tenth National Congress of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles has just concluded successfully, and the great red canon—our national opera “Hong Hu Chi Wei Dui”(The Red Guerrilla Guarding Honghu Lake) accompanied by symphony is performanced under the title of “Hamonious Hongshan District: Canon Opera into Universities, 2016” on the stage of Wuhan University with favourable and warm reception on the eve of December 11th, 2016.

The performance activity is co-hosted by Hubei Performance & Arts Group, the Bureau of Culture and Physical Culture at Hongshan District (Wuhan City), Center of Art Education and School of Arts, Wuhan University, with the aim to improve art education and to prosper the oeuvre of arts, to make the delicate stage artwork glisten at Luojia Mountain, and to further build the wonderful scenery of culture and arts inside the campus. On the same evening, thousands spectators have fully enjoyed the charm of opera arts, and have appreciated the charisma of Prof. LIU Danli, the leading actress of the opera performance “Hong Hu Chi Wei Dui”(The Red Guerrilla Guarding Honghu Lake), who is our prestigious national first-rate artist, twice winner of “Wintersweet Prize” awarded by China Theater Association (the highest award in theatre performance in China),and Rector of School of Arts as well as Center of Art Education, Wuhan University.

“Hong Hu Chi Wei Dui”(The Red Guerrilla Guarding Honghu Lake) is a brilliant opera across our country which tells the legendary story between the red guerrilla & red army at Honghu Lake and kuomintang reactionaries & the local despot/tyrant during the Second Revolutionary Civil War in the beginning of the 1930s. In process of such a long time, it has proved itself as timeless and is now re-glistening on stage again. This opera has won the title of “the Chinese Music Canon of the 20th Century”, the first prize of Excellent Performance in the First Chinese Opera Festival, and the Great Award of the Second National Excellent Repertoire. The leading role Prof. LIU Danli has won the “Wintersweet Prize” awarded by China Theater Association (the highest award in theatre performance in China).

Before the curtain is pulled up, the vice-president of Hubei Performance & Arts Group and the first-rate composer Mr. LUO Yilin has given us an introductory lecture about opera appreciation. His illumination on the structure of opera, the subject melody and tune, and the rhythm and rhyme of the episode helps the audience to better understand the canon work “Hong Hu Chi Wei Dui”(The Red Guerrilla Guarding Honghu Lake) which derives from life while beyond it.

After a fantastic beginning, the performance has amazed the spectators.

The vivid plot of the opera and the skillful technique of the performers both have actively involved the minds of the present audience in all this. The feast of art has deeply attracted them so that their rapturous applause are heard once and again and never really gets stopped.

The numberous spectators on the evening have filled the whole auditorium and they are almost infused into the opera performance so that they have been following the wave of the wonderful performance on stage all the time. The Opera Art is so magical like a time machine, which has brought people into the times of war and has led people to understand the great red spirit—the spirit in the revolutionary age, and to experience the moment of sacrifice during the war times. This performance has deeply awakened the patriotic passion deep down in people’s heart that the whole hall is burning with the flames of the passion. Here we can apply the old Chinese saying “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” Everyone of us feels and wishes to continue the performance as well as the passion. Finally the curtain has been dropped within the enthusiastic applause.